Authorization documents of LLC "EcoStar Technology"

We carry out activities only on the basis of licensing documents:
licenses, opinions, certificates - in accordance with the legislation:

License for activities related to collection, transportation, handling, disposal, disposal, disposal waste of I-IV hazard classes

License for activities in the field of using sources of ionizing radiation (generating), except if these sources are used in medical activities

Storage, utilization of sources of ionizing radiation; used radiation sources: X-ray medical devices, X-ray machines for X-ray flaw detection, X-ray units for X-ray and X-ray analysis, X-ray systems for inspection of luggage and goods

Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion on the compliance of the industrial site of the complex for processing waste to state rules and regulations

SanPiN "Hygienic requirements for the location and disposal of industrial and consumer waste"

Certificate of setting up the company for a special account that deals with precious metals and precious stones

The certificate was issued to OOO EcoStar Technologies by the Russian Federal State Assay Chamber from the RF Ministry of Finance. According to the certificate, the following activities are indicated: solid waste management and treatment and waste management and scrap of precious metals

GOST R Certificate of Conformity

Repair of household and industrial radioelectronic equipment; repair of household and industrial machines and devices
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