"EcoStar Technologies" provides professional services for the demercurization of premises for two years.
Professionally, quickly, safely.

Demercurization - is the removal of mercury and its compounds both physico-chemical and mechanical methods to exclude the shipment of people and animals. Mercury is a highly toxic metal for all forms of life. The main danger is the mercury vapor, the release of which from the exposed surfaces increases with an increase in air temperature.

If you are a legal entity, and you need to conduct demercurization of the premises, leave us application on the site. We will contact you.

But if the pollution is domestic and the focus is minimal? What measures need to be taken?


In everyday life, we are constantly confronted with mercury - mercury-containing fluorescent lamps installed in office buildings, shopping centers, medical institutions, and to measure temperature during illness, most people use medical thermometers. So what if you have a thermometer broken? The pollution spot is minimal. Can I remove mercury myself? Environmentalists say that this is possible, but very carefully and with the use of all precautions. So, you broke a thermometer.

YOU CAN NOT: collect mercury broom, vacuum cleaner, a wet rag and other items. This will accelerate the evaporation of mercury and increase its concentration by tens of thousands of times.

How to collect mercury at home?

1. Do not panic. Take out of the room children and animals, if any.
2. If it's cold outside - open the window, but do not make a draft - so that the mercury balls "do not run away." The cold slows the evaporation of mercury.
3. On the feet - shoe covers or plastic bags, on your hands - rubber gloves, on your face - a disposable mask with gauze soaked in a solution of soda.
4. We find the GLASS capacity, pour the solution of potassium permanganate into it. Here you will collect mercury and the remnants of the thermometer.
5. Now take two sheets of paper and cotton wool soaked in a 0.2% solution of potassium permanganate. Alternative cotton wool - scotch, wet brush for drawing, moistened paper, syringe. With their help you need to roll the balls of mercury on a sheet of paper and put in a glass container.
6. Packaging with mercury and water should be tightly covered with a lid and better carried to the balcony - away from heating appliances. But in any case, do not throw it into the garbage can or lower it into the toilet.
7. The place where mercury was used should be treated with a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate or chlorine.
8. A mercury container can be handed over by calling the Management Company of your district. The Management Company must have specialized containers for transportation and storage of mercury. In the future, the Management Company will deliver the collected waste for disposal and neutralization.

You can purchase the sets from the representative of the organization that supplies them in the Far East, by tel. 8 (423) 201-23-06.


Environmentalists agree that it is necessary to carry out an independent sampling of mercury carefully and accurately, and for this sometimes there are not enough funds available at hand. Household demercurization kits created specifically for independent elimination of the consequences of a broken thermometer or lamp. Such a set should be in the house of everyone on a par with the first aid kit, - this is a necessary measure of safety and precaution.