Ecological project "Swalcam-net"

Every Vladivostok resident can become a participant of the environmental project "Svalkam-Net",
initiated by OOO "EcoStar Technology" in conjunction with Administration of Vladivostok.

The aim of the project is to reduce the number of unauthorized dumps used tires in the city.


In the season of "re-training," car owners often do not know how to deal with the tires they have worn out, and throw them right at the roadside. Within the framework of the project, our company concluded contracts with tire fitting workshops of the city, where drivers can take out tires. All the tires delivered to these workshops will be delivered to the plant for the processing of industrial wastes by OOO EcoStar Technologies and safely disposed of.

In the future, they will receive rubber crumb , which is used to lay trauma-resistant rubber coatings on sports and children's playgrounds, football fields, home areas, staircases, etc. Each licensed tire fitting is equipped with an information banner of the project.

Licensed points for reception of used tires:

Pervorechensky district

Pervomaisky district

Leninsky district

Frunzenskiy district

To view the addresses of the points of reception,
click on the district of Vladivostok you are interested in. __.jpg
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