Kits for laying rubber coating "Kroshka Pol"

Kroshka Pol it is a set for laying the coating of rubber crumbs with your own hands. Using the kit, you can lay a rubber covering a small area - one square meter.

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Construction companies use rubber coatings for laying stadiums and playgrounds. But they can also be used to cover other surfaces: a porch, a staircase, a path near the house, a bath or a swimming pool, an open terrace, a deck of a boat, a blind area. For these purposes, a small amount of rubber chips is needed. It is unprofitable to sell such a volume to direct suppliers, and construction firms do not undertake the laying of coatings on small objects.

At the same time, the rubber coating is perfectly suitable as a street floor covering: it is traumatic, non-slip, durable, has a cushioning effect, it does not generate puddles . With the sets "Tiny Paul" you can independently lay small surfaces, for this you do not need to contact the construction company.

The kit provides all the necessary components to cover one square meter, which must be mixed, packed and tamped, following a simple and understandable instruction. The technology of laying the coating is very simple and does not require any professional skills. It can be laid on the base of any shape - the mixture is easily distributed over the entire surface, repeats all the bends and aligns, and after hardening forms a solid monolithic coating. It easily tolerates both heat and cold.

When using poor-quality materials on the coating, holes may form, an unpleasant odor may emerge from it, and the coating itself can fade, but the Kroshka Pol sets are made only of high-quality and safe materials. Polyurethane adhesive in the kit from the European manufacturer, dyes - from South Korea, rubber crumbs, - own production. Quality and safety of materials are confirmed by certificates and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions of state laboratories (Expert conclusion of the FBU "Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the City of Moscow" No. 77.01.12. .000325.02.15; The certificate of conformity 2110225 from 06.06.2016. "Sets for laying the coating of rubber crumbs"; TU 2519-002-77423202-2016 "Sets for laying the coating of rubber crumbs"; TU 2511-001-77423202-2011 "Rubber crushed").

Currently, Kroshka Pol kits are available for customers in retail stores in Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Magadan.

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