Our company has its own line for the recycling of used tires. As a result of recycling tires we get secondary raw materials - rubber crumbs of high quality, cleaned of metal, textiles and dust.

Application of rubber crumbs.

Rubber crumb from tires has better characteristics for the device of liquid coatings in sports stadiums, playgrounds, for filling artificial football fields. Rubber crumb is also excellent for laying the coatings at the entrance to buildings and premises

Rubber coatings:

  • Trauma-safe
  • Non-slip;
  • permeable (excludes formation of puddles)
  • durable (lifetime up to 10 years);
  • temperature-resistant temperatures
  • strong

We sell rubber chips of various fractions:

  • до 1 mm;
  • 1-2 mm;
  • 2-3 mm.

We will pack in polypropylene bags 25 kg each . The price varies from from 20 rub. per kg , depending on the volume of supply and fraction. Together with rubber crumb we also can buy necessary components for laying the coating: polyurethane adhesive, Primer, catalyst for glue and dyes (green and red).

Для заказа звонить по тел.: 8 (423) 201-23-06, e-mail: salesecodv@yandex.ru

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