The recycling of tires in the modern world, where the number of cars is steadily growing, acquires great ecological and economic importance. Without proper control over the process of collecting, transporting and recycling tires, cluttering of the territory occurs, unauthorized landfills are formed. The tires have been assigned an IV hazard class . In dumps they are subject to uncontrolled burning. Tires spontaneously ignite, and such fires are difficult to extinguish. The burning rubber emits dense black acrid smoke, containing two toxic elements - hydrogen sulphide and sulfur dioxide, dangerous for human life and health. The

Worn tires consist of rubber, technical carbon, silicic acid, oils and resins, sulfur, vulcanization activators (zinc oxide and stearic acids), metal and reinforcement yarns .

The technological line for the recycling of automobile tires "EcoStar Technology" has a capacity of more than 3,500 kg per hour. As a result of recycling tires formed rubber crumb, waste of ferrous metals and textile fibers. Rubber crumb produced in our factory is subsequently used for styling. The

In addition, EcoStar Technologies exposes worn tires contaminated with oil products and paint and varnish materials, thermal degradation in the pyrolysis module, producing pyrolysis fuel, which is used as fuel when fed through a liquid fuel burner.
For recycling we take waste tires, tires, car chambers, tires, pneumatic waste, pneumatic tire chambers waste, tire tires with fabric and metal cord, waste, etc.

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