Oily Waste

Oil-containing wastes are one of the significant sources of environmental pollution - soil, water bodies and groundwater. Enormous environmental damage causes the draining of used oils and oil products into soil and water bodies, which according to foreign researchers exceeds the amount of emergency discharges and losses Oil during its extraction, transportation and processing.

To process oily waste, we use the pyrolysis module . It is designed for the processing of tires, rubber products, plastics, oil refinery waste, used oils, rubber and textile waste.

The basis of technology is low-molecular pyrolysis .
The decomposition of waste is carried out in vessels of heat-resistant steel, when heated to a temperature of 400-450 C, without the access of an oxidizing agent (oxygen of air), which prevents the formation of environmentally hazardous compounds: nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, dioxins and furans. With this technology, pyrolysis fuel and pyrolysis residue (carbon black) are formed. In this case, pyrolysis fuel is used as a fuel when fed through a liquid-fuel burner.

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